Risk Assessment

Identify, manage, and mitigate risks

A comprehensive and transparent tool that supports the best risk management practices.

Prime’s Risk Assessment module helps you to control risks and proactively manage issues, offering several benefits including supporting customers to enhance decision-making, protect their reputation, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, maintain financial stability, and foster stakeholder confidence.

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5 ways that Prime Systems Risk Assessment Module can support your business

Helping you to easily identify and manage all risk types.
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Simplify your risk management and assessment processes.
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Giving you access to insights in real-time with real-time visibility & control.
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Providing you with the data you need to plan ahead to analyse & evaluate risk.
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Improve your risk management processes and speed of risk assessment processing.
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A flexible, easy, and transparent risk assessment tool

Flexible to your unique requirements

Prime Systems Risk Assessments module offers a fully customisable risk management solution which can be configured to meet the exact needs of your business, all backed up by our experienced support team.  Our users can create, manage, and store Risk Assessments quickly and easily. With access to an editable library of possible Risk Assessments customers can create bespoke Risk Assessments that can then be uploaded, recorded and shared from a central repository. The centralised storage of risk assessments, multiple user access, controls and even a risk rating functionality improves tracking and assessment of risks.

Easy-to-use interface and controls

Our interface is easy to use across any business, all of our software modules (link to main software page) can be accessed via our online platform or on the move in our Prime app. Check and control can be applied at a central level and, for example, where risk assessments are critical a mandatory risk assessment can be assigned centrally to a user or a site, ensuring that all parts of the business are assessing risk in a standardised and timely way as required by your organisation. This minimises checks and duplication and reduces the chance of errors or poor processes.

All the facts at your fingertips

Creating transparency of risk across your business can help to minimise and control possible tricky issues or situations.  Because all risk assessments are stored in a central repository, every risk assessment is quickly on hand when you require to see the details, this includes details of the people involved, the general hazards and risks, and identify the people or places who may be at risk in the future, and the locations where hazards and risks exist. Controls can be defined for each area of risk and if failed the system allows for actions to be raised and assigned to prompt and manage resolution and allocate responsibilities.

Key module features

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A full history of the Risk Assessment versions is maintained including any actions raised and documents and photographs for any failed controls
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Transparency and standardised access reduces risk of errors and speeds up business processing in the event of an incident
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Historical records and reports are available easily for reviewing processes and managing best practice
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Using the Risk Assessment templates ensures a consistent style and format across the organisation
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Customisable library of Risk Assessments available to quickly create versions of standard Risk Assessments
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A dashboard view per site shows the live status of their Risk Assessments
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Clearly see outstanding actions and monitor business wide efficiency
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All Risk Assessments are stored centrally on the system
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Comprehensive management reporting is provided
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“The strong impression is that PRIME are passionate about Health and Safety, and about making sure the system delivers what you want.”

Abigail Miller – Health & Safety Manager, Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase)

See how we have helped clients manage risk in their businesses

Our software modules can be accessed via our online platform or on the move in our Prime app, and offer a fully customisable risk management solution which can be configured to meet the exact needs of your business, all backed up by our experienced support team.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we tailor our software to deliver the most efficient risk and safety management software for your needs. See just some of the companies we’ve helped.

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