About us

PRIME Systems is a dynamic provider of online risk management solutions on a mission to make spaces and places safer – enhance safety, reduce risk and improve compliance across various industries.

Our clients:

We take pride in our versatility, serving diverse sectors such as retail, leisure, and logistics. 

Our extensive client portfolio comprises over 80 companies, including nationally recognised brands, and our exceptional track record speaks to our commitment to fostering enduring partnerships with our clients. 

Our heritage:

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Hertfordshire, PRIME Systems offers a complete online health and safety software solution.

With over 10 individual modules that can be customised to your reporting needs, each software module has been meticulously crafted by a team of IT and Health and Safety experts to meet the comprehensive requirements of Health and Safety and Risk Management.  

Our difference:

What sets PRIME Systems apart is our remarkable team of industry experts. They possess a deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by our clients and are dedicated to delivering excellence in all that we do. This unwavering commitment is a key driver behind our industry-leading customer retention and referral rates. 

We invite you to explore and learn about our brand and our team, see the impact PRIME Systems has had on businesses like yours. Discover first-hand how our software empowers organisations to manage health and safety risks, streamline their health and safety operations and achieve peace of mind. 

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