Compliance Monitoring

De-risk safety across your organisation

Prime Compliance Monitoring gives you ultimate visibility and control.

Prime’s compliance module offers several benefits including reducing the risk of non-compliance, saving time by automating tasks, improving communication and team sharing with one single view for all to see. Site-specific and company-wide monitoring options allow you to create daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks to your bespoke frequency and requirements.

compliance monitoring

5 ways that Prime Systems Compliance Module can support your business

Stay on top of ever-changing regulations and industry standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.
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Automate the monitoring process, real-time tracking, mitigating risks, and alerting to potential issues promptly.
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Compliance data from various sources is consolidated into a single holistic view for all.
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Streamlines the process, saving time and resources, and improving overall efficiency.
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Empower decision-makers to make informed choices and improve compliance monitoring.

Compliance monitoring that creates actions, support resolutions and provides an audit record

Creating automated actions

Our compliance monitoring module helps support and streamline best practices, it can be set up to drive an action on any failed check or flag areas for checking or concern that do not meet set compliance requirements. Actions can be configured to meet a business’s bespoke needs and assigned to a nominated person/department or an external contractor who is notified of the defect details by email.

Working to resolution

 The module helps to manage expectations and sets workflow requirements, for example, if there is an action on the system, a resolution date is assigned which is monitored by the system and the designated manager gets alerts if the action goes overdue. Photographs and documents can also be attached to the action to ensure all information is available in one place. 

And trigger questions can also be set which, if failed, immediately alert the nominated manager.

Providing an audit record

Once a checklist has been completed it is locked down it provides an audit record that the checks have been completed within the set period and complies with the company policy and insurance requirements. The system monitors the completion periods and if these go overdue alerts the site manager – supporting correct processes and audit records.

Key module features

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Automatic alerts and notifications for missed/overdue checks and actions
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Full Defect Management controlled by the site manager
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Specific checks can be classed as critical and if failed immediately notify nominated managers
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Site dashboards show the status of the check templates and any outstanding actions
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Provides comprehensive performance and trend reporting across the estate

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“The strong impression is that PRIME are passionate about Health and Safety, and about making sure the system delivers what you want.”

Abigail Miller – Health & Safety Manager, Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase)

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Our software modules can be accessed via our online platform or on the move in our Prime app, and offer a fully customisable risk management solution which can be configured to meet the exact needs of your business, all backed up by our experienced support team.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we tailor our software to deliver the most efficient risk and safety management software for your needs. See just some of the companies we’ve helped.

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