New systems and features

We wanted to let you know about some new systems and features we have added over the last 12 months.

In 2022 we introduced a new Food Diary application. This is an app which works on mobile devices, and doesn’t require a connection to the internet, so once logged in to the app, you can take it anywhere and record your opening and closing checks, equipment checks, temperature checks, and then the information syncs back to your main Prime system. This gives you real time information about your kitchens, equipment and food preparation services, and can notify you of any problems or issues. If your business provides food to your customers then please get in touch to find out more.

We also continued to improve our popular Compliance Monitoring application, with more management reporting capabilities, better tracking of actions, and a range of other small improvements to make the system work even better for you.

One area that we saw many customers focus on in 2022 is Incident Reporting. Our Accident & Incident Reporting application is widely used by most of our customers to report and track injuries that happen to customers and team members – which now includes a new way to link to the HSE RIDDOR website – and many of you use it to also report incidents, near misses and enforcement visits. We are able to add bespoke sections for you to capture more details about specific types of incidents. This may include food incidents such as allergies and food poisoning, security incidents such as theft and fraud, or safeguarding incidents. There is no limit to what you can report in Prime, and we can easily create sections to capture any kind of data that is important to your operations. Please let us know if this is something we can help with. We can also now support incident categories, which comes in useful if you have a large number of incident types in your system, we can now group these into categories to make it easier for your users to complete the report.

As we move into 2023, we will be launching a brand new Compliance Monitoring app, which will work offline on your mobile, anywhere you need to carry out checks and inspections. This will be an add on to our existing Compliance Monitoring system which many of you use. We will keep you up to date with news on this as we get close to launch.

We hope you find the above information on our new systems and features useful, if you would like to know more or have any questions at all please do let us know.